Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer

One of the few things we can really be sure of is that we live and want to go on living. This we share with everything else that is alive, from microbes to elephants, and from blades of grass to every human being.

We all share in the community of Life.

The ethical philosophy of Reverence for Life was  initiated one hundred years ago, in September 1915, by Albert Schweitzer (1875 -1965), theologian, philosopher, organist and medical doctor.  He then devoted the rest of his life to its development.

We at RfLUK, along with other national organisations and fellow members of the International Albert Schweitzer Association are dedicated to continuing this work.

This involves coming to terms with the fact that ……  Continue …

Reverence for Life UK is putting this philosophy into practice in response to the challenges of our time through two major projects:

In Tanzania we work in partnership with the Society for the Advancement of Humanity [SAHU] to support those left behind by the ravages of HIV/AIDS and others neglected by society and to create a “Garden of Humanity” (Bustani ya Binadamu [ByB] in Swahili) where these can gather, to live in community and help each other.

Globally we are developing an educational project called the “Next Evolutionary Step” [NESt] which aims to infuse all aspects of education with the ethos of reverence for all manifestations of life.